Mijn naam is Eddy Dijkman.

I already was an youth member on the age of seven in Baarn at P.v. de Zwaluw. At the age of 14 I quitted the sport and I restarted when I was 53

Now I am an member of P.V. de Pool in Baarn. I directly started in the B-Class. I directly won my first race I competed in. In my second year I made some good achievements. In the 3rd year I promoted to the A-Class. During those years I got better pigeons on my loft. So I have pigeons directly from Ad Biemans from Dongen.

The season 2020 started not quiet smooth, but 23, May it will start at last. I will start with 14 hens and 8 cocks. I am willing to start with youngsters with an number of 80. The natoer I am trying to compete with 30 late youngsters, Besides that I have 56 couples of breeders.

A few of my breeders